When we talk about oceans’ what comes to mind is just the large water bodies. These water bodies contain aquatic plants and animals and give us pleasure to swim and sail but apart from this there are certain facts that are still unknown and told to us by scientists.


Our Earth is covered by 75 percent of water and out of it 95 percent remains unexplored by humans. Our scientists keep telling us about other planets but fail to aware us about the ocean and sea beds. In a few years we will come closer to the ocean floor related information but trust me it looks stunning deep there.


Scientists have not completely succeeded in informing us about the milky view of the sea so that we can see or haven’t proved if it is real or not. Some images have been captured and experiments have been performed to check if the glow is from the bioluminescent bacteria that attract fish and how does it gather there.


A strange purple blob on the ocean floor off California was found by the researchers in 2016, they were surprised to see it and initially could not make out what it was and wondered if it was a spider’s egg sac, a jellyfish or a tiny octopus. The research for the same is still in process. They still doubt it to be a species of snail.


An oval-shaped object with strange markings on the bottom of the Baltic Sea was found by the explorers in 2011. It was thought to be a mere glacier deposit but nothing has been confronted upon it.


This giant Squid is so powerful and ferocious that alone it can attack ships. It lives deep under the sea and very less is known about this creature. Scientists have not succeeded in telling much about these creatures but as per predictions they grow up to 66 feet. They look more adorable than horrifying.


We have not seen how the ocean looks like from beneath but somehow it is striking to the eyes and is beautiful too. Under the sea, there are certain areas where salt water concentration is more than the other area so some lake like surfaces or shorelines assemble by themselves. Volcanoes may erupt under the sea bed. Scientists are still looking forward to researching more on this and present the information before us all.


These are the largest animal to live on Earth. But nowadays they are getting extinct due to their trade being carried and the reproduction process in them is also very slow. Not much is known about them except for their life span, sexual maturity, etc. They are a shy creature in the sea.


This immortal jellyfish has the healing property to cure cancer or the injuries that can bring back life because of its Benjamin Button likeability. The researchers are still exploring how the cells present in the jellyfish regrow or regress. But it promises to fight cancer disease in humans.

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