Unique Plants That Exist On Earth , You Never Know About

    Well, the Earth is called a green planet for a reason , because plants grow in it. Even after all these years of evolution and development  and the variation in fauna that has been created due to it, a third of the plant species are estimated to be surviving with us today. Here are ten unique plants which are proof that nature continues to amaze us.


    9. Corpse Plant (Titan Arum)

    This exotic and beautiful plant is one of the largest and rarest flowering structures blooming only a few times in its entire life span. It is indeed a rare occurrence to see it in person. During its blooming season, it emits a pungent odour similar to rotten egg or, aptly, a decaying corpse. The reason for the plant’s strong odour is to attract pollinators which include dung beetles and insects that get attracted to its smell.