They say First impression is the last impression.
People may not admit that they’re observing you, but you must be sure that all your actions are judging you.

It’s creating an impression of you on the person’s mind.
These all things happen subconsciously.

You must have heard this super popular term repeatedly: “Improve your body language.”
It’s real guys. We must enhance our body language as no one wants to hang out with a weak personality.

Isn’t it?

So, here are few things we’ve taken care of which will give out a robust and more manly feel.

1) Your Timing


People hate to wait. It’s the 21st century, and people have lesser amounts of patience. When you don’t follow time and are late to everything, people develop negative impression on you. Always avoid being late.

2) The way you shake Hands


Ever noticed Modi giving a Handshake to other political leaders? It’s strong. They hold their hands tight and give a strong handshake. It symbolizes confidence and strength; Whereas a weak handshake shows that the person has a weak personality.

3) Hand Hygiene

nasty nails

By Hand Hygiene I mean nails. People who tend to keep dirty nails or tend to bite them isn’t seen idealistic. So, avoid biting your nails now!

4) Handwriting


After Hand Hygiene it’s HandWriting. People want the text to be easy to read and understandable. No one loves poor writing, isn’t it? Make sure your handwriting is neat and legible.

5) How you drive


People notice your driving! Yes, they do. They see whether you’re a good driver or someone who drives reckless. People love drivers who aren’t reckless and who make the ride smooth and enjoyable.

6) Whether you make Eye-contact


Eye contact is the most important thing that a person should do. It shows the person is interested in you and gives out a good impression about yourself.

So, take appropriate care of these things and you’ll notice yourself getting more better in public.