Alia Recently Worked With SRK And She Can’t Stop Talking About Him


    Alia Talks About Shahrukh,how good he is.

    Everyone loves King Khan.He is the king of romance.Shahrukh Khan is not just an actor but he is good person as well.He has a magnetic personality.Its offscreen or onscreen SRK has charming personality with his good looks which makes him best actor and best person.

    Alia Bhat who is new in the film industry,she is gorgeous,hot actress.Alia recently worked with SRK in Gauri Shinde’s new project Dear Zindagi and who will be doing a cameo in the film, and can not stop talking about the King of Bollywood.

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    Alia has so much to talk about The King of bollywoodSRK

    Alia says Shahrukh is magic.His personality,his words,his eyes he is such a good co actor to work with.He has tremendous regards for everyone to work with.SRK doesn’t let anyone feel low or unimportant.On the set everyone is equally important for him,whoever it is.


    Now there is one more fan added in his list from the film industry and she cant stop talking about SRK.SRK is known for his humbleness.Alia says she dint feel that SRK is older from her.We both worked like friends.He has so much of knowledge.He knows so much more then me.SRK shared many incidents of his life and it was so intresting.

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    Alia just loved working with Shahrukh.She loved to sit and chat with him in between shots.It was amazing.Alia cant stop talking about SRK.


    Alia bhatt who is new in the film industry at an early age.She achieved alot at a very tender age in a tornado speed is sure to understand that age is just a number.Alia Bhatt has performed playback singing for the songs.She also launched her own line of clothing for women.


    Alia bhatt and Shahrukh’s upcoming film “Dear zindagi” is coming soon.The release date has not yet announced.The film is likely to hit theatres after the release of ‘Raees’.

    Alia Just can’t stop talking about SRK.

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