Arnab Goswami Republic TV editor in Chief gave a detailed account of the attack carried out on him and his wife in the early hours of 23rd April while returning back home from the Channel’s studio in Mumbai.

At around 12.15 A.M when he and his wife were returning home, his car was joined by two bike riders who drove parallel to him peeping into his car.

Arnab states that the bike riders overtook his car and stopped their bike.When he tried to stay away from them, the men forcefully began hitting on his car’s window pane,in order to break it.

When he tried to escape, the attackers threw liquid-filled bottles in his car. He then stepped on the gas and took his car away from the spot. Both the attackers were captured by the security men following him.

As he attempted to escape the attackers then began throwing liquid-filled bottles in his car. He ultimately stepped on the gas and swerved his car away from the spot. As per Arnab the duo was then ultimately apprehended by his security personnel who were following behind him.

The security told Arnab that the attackers were Youth Congress Workers who confessed that they were to attack Arnab by the Higher Ups.

Arnab says Sonia Gandhi is personally responsible for this attack and states he and his network will be cowed down by the attack.

Arnab then went to the nearby police station to file the complaint kate night. Republic TV claims that Mumbai police refused to name the Youth Congress attackers in the FIR.

This attack was done amid a campaign by Congress leaders demanding Arnab’s arrest when he questioned Sonia’s silence over the brutal lynching of Sadhus in Palghar. Abundance of the case have been filed against Arnab in many parts of the country.