Relationships may be quite confusing at times. As such, we’ve to handle many relationships in our lives. Not only a boyfriend/Girlfriend relationship, the relationship of a mother and her child, a teacher and his student, patient and the doctor.etc

They surely do have a certain amount of influence over one another.
One such hypothetical question which frequently arises is Arranged marriage or to choose a love of your life.

Both have their set of Advantages and disadvantages, but it’s ultimately the understanding and effort from both of the people who will sustain a relationship.

Well, to clear your confusion out, we have got some honest confessions of People who had an arranged marriage:

1) I badly want to fall in love. But It’s been going on since ages that me, my parents and grandparents are arranged wedlock, and I can’t help but go through it.

2) Although it’s arranged marriage, I’m in love with my fiance; I hope he likes me too.

3) My Parents think arranged marriage is the only option. I want to meet the man of my dreams, fall in love and marry.

4) Being a 25yr old guy, My parents expect me to have arranged marriage. I’ve never experienced love. I want to try love.

5) I don’t like him; Unfortunately, I’ll be marrying him. It sucks.

6) I want to marry my best friend, not an arranged marriage by my parents.

7) I met the girl today with whom my parents are arranging my wedding. I want to see more of her, and I think I like it.

8) Indian Relationship: Get married to someone whom your parents choose.

9) 20 plus years and counting, My parents still fight every day. They had an arranged marriage. I don’t want that kind of relationship.

10) It’s been more than two years to my arranged marriage. I’m afraid that I still don’t love her.

11) I’m marrying my family friend. It’s strange that I’ve been seeing him since childhood and never knew I’d tie the knot with him.

12) It was an arranged marriage. He isn’t a bad person, but I can’t love him. My family will hate me If I opt out.

13) I wish I were physically attracted to him. It’d have been a lot better.

14) Arranged marriage is a Social Evil; I feel.

15) My parents fixed my marriage with a guy who can’t even speak proper English. When I refused, they shout at me for having high expectations.

16) How can someone have sex with a total stranger?

17) All these Indian guys, who are “momma’s boy” don’t get into a relationship with girls. They do arrange marriage and spoil others names as well.

18) Arranged marriages should be banned from every country in this world.

19) Instead of knowing each other before, It’s new you’re gonna tie a knot to someone unique and extraordinary. More understanding!

20) I’m from an orthodox Muslim family. We’re married for three months, and I don’t love her. Shouldn’t have said a yes.

21) I’m 20 and till date didn’t have a Girlfriend. I’m afraid I’ll end up in an arranged marriage. 🙁

22) We don’t love each other, and we’ve confessed it among ourselves. We agreed to have extra marital affairs and cannot separate because of these stupid traditions.

23) Unfortunately, he’s not the way I expected him to be. He’s abusive; I don’t like arranged marriages.

24) Sometimes people are forced to get married without their will. It spoils the life after marriage.

25) Why should my parents choose a guy? I’m gonna spend rest of my life with him. I feel so out of this!

26) I’m in love with the girl whom I visited yesterday for arranged marriage. This Feeling is Terrific!

27) I was about to be a victim of Arranged marriage, but due to some reason, my family called the wedding off. I’ve never been so much thrilled and happy in life.

28) I have no more hopes to find someone. I guess I’ll have to settle with Arranged marriage.

29) I’m not at all scared of any relationships, but the thought of arranged marriage terrifies me.

30) I’ve accepted the fact that I’m getting an arranged marriage. It’s too exciting

31)I’ll never meet the “right one” as I’m preoccupied with my life. I think I’m heading towards an arranged wedding.

32) My marriage is being fixed with an Orthodox Muslim family. I don’t know whether they’ll accept my tattoos and dressing style.

33) I don’t want to have an arranged marriage.

34) I’m a lesbian so what? you can’t fix my marriage with a guy who doesn’t respect this.

35) My parents will hate me If I say no to Arranged Marriage. I don’t know what to do now.

36) I’ve been in an Arranged Marriage for two years. We go good with each other, but I don’t love him in a romantic way.