Azam Khan Says Muslims Are Disturbed Alot:On SRK’s Reaction


    Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan at US airport was on to the custody.UP prime minister Azam khan has targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Barack Obama for the conditions of Muslims. Azam khan says no one is letting us to live peacefully.In india PM Narendra modi and in US PM’s friend Barack Obama would not allow us live.Azam khan talks about all this when he was talking with reporters.

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    Muslims Are Disturbed Alot

    Muslims Are Disturbed Alot

    The Samajwadi Party leader said Narendra Modi is not permitting Muslims to live in India.After Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was detained at the US airport on Friday the UP prime minister talked about this.He says we muslims are getting troubled in india and in US as well.

    Muslims Are Disturbed Alot

    Azam khan has attacked Narendra Modi and Barack Obama for the conditions kept for muslims.Azam says muslims are disturbed alot we don’t know where to go,what to do.He even used a hindi song lyrics to explain them clearly  ‘samjhega kaun yaha, dard bhare dil ki zuban/Jaye toh jaye kahan’

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    Muslims Are Disturbed Alot

    Azam said that the laws and orders are going on a right track in Uttar Pradesh.And bychance if something goes the administration takes a strict action against it.

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    Shah Rukh Khan was detained at Los Angeles airport on Friday by the US immigration then shahrukh tweeted this and he was very upset with whatever happened.Shahrukh said that he respect and understand the world’s security the way it is,but to be in custody everytime at US airport it irritates alot.Even before this also Shahrukh was in custody at New York airport in 2012 for two to three hours.Shahrukh was in custody by immigration because his name came in computer in the list of be alert.

    Muslims Are Disturbed Alot

    Azam khan said the law and order in the state was on the right track and police was taking strict action against the criminals.

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