Since the start of the year, Bengaluru is in the news for all the wrong reasons. From the repeated molestations to kidnapping and murder. But don’t worry as we’ve got good news for Bengalureans.

What if we say, Bengaluru has surpassed China, Paris, London and even the Silicon Valley, to be on top of this list?


JLL is a real estate firm which conducts surveys every year, According to it’s 2017 City Momentum Index (CMI), Bengaluru emerged in the top surpassing Silicon Valley.

The CMI ranks a city by the rate of change in the city’s economic condition; it’s real estate capital and to sustain these all factors in the long run.


According to the CEO of JLL, Jeremy Kell, they’ve taken many more factors into consideration which includes economic sustainability in the long term.

Isn’t it awesome?