Here’s How Much These Bigg Boss Contestants Earn: Shocking!


    We all love watching Bigg Boss, it’s our favorite show, and we don’t miss a single episode of it. Every year, Bigg Boss brings a new twist to the show with new rules, new faces, and new concept.

    bigg boss

    This year’s show had an entirely new concept.

    This year’s Bigg Boss kicked off with six celebs and eight common people. There was a lot of drama, controversies and many were eliminated. Manveer Gurjar was declared the winner, and Bani J is the first runner up.

    But wait, have we ever thought how much money do these contestants earn? We are only aware of the signing amount, but Bigg Boss pays every player every week to maintain the show.

    bigg boss

    Here’s the truth:

    The commoners were not given any signing amount, unlike the celebrities. The commoners were given only 25,000/- every week.

    Calculating till the end, Manu, Nitibha, and Manveer have earned only 3.75 lakh.

    bigg boss

    It’s not only the celebs, but ordinary people like them made the show more appealing. Isn’t it unfair of Bigg Boss to put such a less remuneration for them?

    Your Views on this in the comments below.

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