Deepika Padukone Talking About Her First Crush & Kiss


    The actress of xXx from Hollywood, Deepika Padukone the actress of Hollywood and Bollywood. Deepika has seen kissing many times on the screen but recently she was in a show Vogue BFF and there she talked about her real life’s First kiss and Crush.

    Deepika Talking About Her First Kiss & Crush

    Deepika Talking About Her First Kiss & Crush

    Deepika was seen in the show Vogue BFF there she was asked about her real life’s first kiss. She replied, “My first kiss must have been when I was a toddler”. She was even asked that whom did she kissed she said, “Who? My parents, of course.”

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    On the first episode of Vogue BFFs Deepika has shared many things about her real life. The show comes on every Saturday on Colors Infinity.

    The actress was asked personal questions like her first crush, kiss and he qualities she want in her man. She replied that her man should be tall, Funny, and a good human being.

    Deepika Talking About Her First Kiss & Crush

    She was asked about her first crush she said her biggest crush is Bradley Cooper!.

    Deepika has done many lip lock kissing scenes on the big screen with her co actors. In Ramleela movie she kissed Ranveer singh. In some movies kissed Arjun kapoor, Ranbir kapoor.

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