Devices Can Be Controlled By A Temporary Tattoo


    Many of them have a habit of having tattoo on their any part of body.The tattoo market is growing day by day and it’s demand is increasing everyday.Recently there was a project of Microsoft research and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) lab they researched and told that now a person will be allowed to have a Temporary Tattoo on their hand to control any of the device.In future these tattoos could be more functional.

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    Temporary Tattoo Can Control Smartphone/Devices

    Temporary Tattoo Can Control Smartphone/Devices

    Many of them are thinking that how is it possible to control a device through a Temporary Tattoo.MIT has researched and created a new touch,Duo skin,which allows temporary tattoo to connect with a smartphone or any device.

    Temporary Tattoo Can Control Smartphone/Devices

    MIT’s Duo skin tattoo can control our devices.In future if a person is covered with full of tattoos we should get that person has lots of devices.We should thanks to MIT’s mind to create the new invention.

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    Temporary Tattoo Can Control Smartphone/Devices

    PhD student Cindy Hsi Liu Kao at MIT made it possible.He says that tattoos are not only fashionable but good enough to change your look whenever you want.His aim was to make use of tattoos and provide them with features to use the devices through it.These temporary tattoos are composed of a thin gold sheet, and can be customised.These tattoos are highly functional.Tattoos are available in three separate classes,i.e;Input,Output,Communication.

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    An input turns skin into Touch pad. Output changes colour on skin temperature.Communication allows you to take data from tattoo.Gold leaf is used to create a durable and temporary tattoo.From here researchers create a circuit by the use of graphics software before making the tattoo as a normal temporary tattoo.Tattoo can contain thermochromic layer,NFC chip or LED lights.Cindy Hsin Kao Liu is the member of the project says that these tattoos will create the interaction direct in the skin of human.Tattoos are functional and stylish too.There is no information when this Temporary Tattoo will be launched.

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