There’s always that Joe or Jane at work who stands out, and becomes a subject of gossip in the office space, isn’t it? Feel familiar with any of these?

1. The Talker

All they need is just one ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ and off they shoot with showers and showers of self-centered blabbers, ranging from what they ate, how their neighbour is a pain in the ass, to the noisy colleague that sits beside them. The banter NEVER stops!

2. The Micromanager

They are the perfect impersonation of that Evil Boss we are always scared of in movies or sitcoms. They are ALWAYS around. No exceptions! You so much as get up to take a well-earned poop, and they would pop up from god knows where, and their mere glance shot at you would make you not needing to relieve yourself anymore, as it’s already done with.

3. The Over-Committed Colleague

They are nothing else than that ‘Sharma Ji Ka Beta’ who your boss will always refer to when you are ‘under-performing’. They are those frontbenchers who nagged at your life bit by bit everyday, who grew up to show up in your very same office to shove it up to you straight on.

4. The Person on Their Way Out

You know that their days are counted. They are taking their last breaths. The worst part is, most of the times they don’t even know that their time has come. You don’t want to be associated with them for your self-interest, and you also don’t want to put off as a complete indifferent asshole.

5. The Cool Guy or Girl

They don’t give a rat’s ass to anything that goes around, talk back to their bosses and managers, and surprisingly, no harm comes to them either! Either they can’t be tampered with because of their ‘performance’, their charm, or simply some otherworldly reason you are yet to figure out.

6. That Nepotism Child

If it weren’t for his or her connections, they would be taking orders from the next door McDonald’s. Everyone knows it, but can’t do anything about it. Sigh!

7. Gossipmongers

They always have something to talk about, or rather bitch about that someone who drinks too much coffee, or pretends to work, or has too much of an attitude. Beware, if they are painting someone black in front of you, chances are you are tainted in front of someone you probably don’t even know.

8. The Arrogant Smartass

They work smart, they know too much, they are scaling up the ladder faster than digestible. And because of that, they treat you like dirt and talk down to you, and you can’t even do or say anything.

9. The Ass-Kisser

He says and does everything pretty for the boss, and the boss wants to keep on licking him. The boss dotes on him for doing nothing worthwhile whatsoever. What is more frustrating?

10. The One Who Seems to Work?

He does everything that is supposed to be done. Attends all the meetings, Syncs up in all the calls, goes to every lunch organised, and shows up everyday on time. He seems to look like an ideal employee, but doesn’t do any work. And you end up taking up his portion.