house of bill gates in seattle , facts about bill gates house
house of bill gates in seattle , facts about bill gates house

Not Everyone On This Earth Gets To Live A King Size Life , Not Everyone On Earth Is Bill Gates.

Medina Mansion Took 7 Years To Building And Cost $63 Million.

Today in this article we will take you to a dream journey. A journey to the house of 12 Times In A Row World’s Richest Man ,Bill Gates. There are a lot of interesting things about his house which I believe you would love to know.

Ok , So let’s proceed to some of those interesting facts about the popularly called Medina Mansion.

house of bill gates in seattle , facts about bill gates house

1Swimming Pool In The Mansion Is 20 Meters Long , With An Underground Music System .

This pool is huge! Imagine yourself swimming and relaxed in the cozy environment listening to soothing music . Great huh? Well I told you not everyone can live a king size life.

2Bill Gate’s House Has Reception Hall Of 2300 Sq Ft.

Let’s forget about the swimming pool . Now we are in his reception hall and believe me most of us don’t even have an apartment of 2300 sq ft ! His reception hall can seat up to 150 people for Dinner and 150 for a cocktail party. Guess Bill Gates loves his guests.

3An Awesome Huge Dinning Room Of 1000 Sq Ft.

Equipped with high standard feature rich devices , 150 seat dinning table , have you ever dream of that? Well some people have that life.

4Can Park 23 Car’s At A Time

Classy business class or super hot sports car, bill gates have them all. And so his home has the capacity of 23 garage.

5The Earth Sheltered House OF Bill Gates

Heard about this word ever before? Well it means it uses it’s natural surroundings as a wall to keep it’s temperature perfect and reduce heat.

6Change The Wall With Your Favorite Color And Paintings

Yes, with $80,000 worth of combination TV – Computer screen you can change the walls to whatever painting or color you like. The screen runs with $150,000 worth of servers and storage.

7You Need To Take 84 Steps Downside , To Reach To Ground Floor.

Ofcourse ! There are elevators. But we are talking about stairs here. You reach to the ground we need to take 84 steps . Guess Bill is a fitness freak and this design is intentional to keep him fit always!

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8233 Square Meter Gym To Keep Everything Perfect!

Bill is not that big to use all of the gym alone. But as I said he loves his guests. So this high standard gym is designed keeping everyone’s need in mind.

9The Mansion Contains 24 Bathrooms

24 Bathrooms! I was just thinking why? Well each bathroom is quipped with latest technologies , music system and all facilities a rich man has.

10It’s A Game Of Pin and Sensor

Every guest in his house is given a pin which has inbuilt sensor. This sensor notes down your preferences and play’s your favorite music and keep your desired temperature all over the house same!

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Yes there are speakers underneath wallpapers which helps in keeping music in flow even when you are moving through out his house.

11This Rich Guy Pays $1 Million A Year For His House :

As a tax , bill gates pay $1 Us Million per year . Well that’s just a little amount for him. So no worries.

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