If you are thinking of some fitness#wellness#harmony#reviving spirit ,then your wait is over as the best form to heal yourself is by doing yoga.

Since the earlier times,yoga is into existence as it is the greatest thing one can ever do.

Staying in the limelight, famous personalities of Bollywood are known for their tough fitness schedules to stay in shape on camera. Not only for them but for everyone practicing mindfulness and well being is essential to maintain proper health balance and is also an elongating thing to be happy in and out.

“The beauty of yoga is that it teaches you how to take precious seconds of stillness and add them to a lifetime of enlightenment,”


CHAKRASANA-makes the body flexible and adds bending capability to the spine.

VRISCHIKA ASANA-has great anti-aging benifits and effective for nerves and endocrine system.

NAUKASANA– A Boat pose good for abdominal areas and spine and hips and for the proper function of the thyroid gland, intestines, and kidneys.

PADMASANA-cross-legged sitting “Lotus Asana” which is good for almost every part of the body and best during pregnancy.

SIRSASANA-A complete body inverted Asana which is supported by the forearms good for blood circulation towards the eyes.

All these Asana are performed on a mat where one can try to balance his/her body and get control over their mind and body. Initially one finds it difficult but, once you start getting into the flow of the poses to yoga, it helps in every possible with a calm mind and physically fit and a flexible body.


Yoga is considered holistic for balancing both mind and body. Our inner energy gets activated so that we can achieve higher goals in your life and connect with inner peace. One must look into and realize how essential it is in our life:

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Our research tells Yoga is better than Gym and Zumba. It does much more than just losing your weight from relaxing your mind and body also making it flexible.

You will be glad to know that most of the Bollywood film actors and actresses keep yoga as a means of fitness.

Stay with us to know more about fitness with these great celebrities.

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