Nowadays it is very common to Hack FB accounts. Even celebrities accounts gets hack and change the pictures. This has happened with our Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. His FB account is hacked and hacker has even posted a video of his own.

Hrithik’s FB Account Hacked. Hacker Uploaded His Own Picture

HrithiksThis year is really unlucky for Hrithik Roshan. It started with divorce of him and his wife. Then public argument with Kangana Ranaut. And this is the latest news of his Facebook account hacked.

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Hacker even started a live video to interact with Hrithik’s  fans.


The hacker even changed the profile picture.


After the video, Hrithik got to know about the hacking and took action against him. They brought back the account to his owner.

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Hrithik tweeted..


Hrithik’s fans didn’t like it and tweeted for help.


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