This my friend’s is called Acche Din.

We all know How problem-riddled our country is, especially the problem of poverty.

We’ve had people who came as messiahs to wipe out corruption from the roots of the system, but they, in turn, became part of the same system wich they were trying to eradicate. (Tell us who this is in the comments 😉 )

We got many scams like Coal Scam, CWG Scam, Water Scam, Rice Scam, Relief Scam.etc What not.

We’ve incorporated all these in our daily lives, and we as the people have started taking all these things lightly. This is very bad considering India as the largest democracy in the world.

Let’s keep all this aside for a second as we’ve got a really great news. An unknown village in India has received a lot of funding and it is slowly changing people’s lives. People have started to acquire skills, and the village is being provided with Fresh Water to drink, which they always treated as a luxury.

and Guess What? All this is funded by none other than American Pop Singer Nicki Minaj.

nicki minaj

Yes, she was in the news last month, where she generously waived education loans of 30+ students by offering to pay their remaining dues.

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Few of you may hate her, but you definitely cannot deny her large and generous heart.

This is what she has posted on her Instagram page:


What do you think? Aren’t these the real acche din?