It’s True God Comes After Her,Because She Is A Mother

They say about ‘Love at first sight’. I am sure that is true because I, like every other person, have loved my mother ever since I saw her. Mother is the epitome of all love and care combined. She and she alone is the sole creation of God who loves her child selflessly. A mother’s love knows no reason or bounds, it starts from when she comes down with a baby and, like the flow of time, is constant, ever present and infinite. Every woman is born with this instinct to love unconditionally which materializes when she becomes a mother. Probably that is why the mother-child love is the purest form of affection found in nature.

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Various mothers have varying ways to show their love for their child. The bountiful love that they are endowed with finds outlet in numerous forms and ways. But in the heart of it, it is the pristine emotion that is unchanged… and that is the unfathomable love. Her will to do anything to keep us safe and surround us with all the happiness she is capable of, that is what remains unchanged in every mother’s rendition of love. The period of motherhood must make the women wise and noble for how else is it possible to explain the good values each mother instills in her child? She makes a girl an older and wiser women and a boy a respectable and respecting man. She binds a family and out of sheer love passes on her wisdom to each member of it. A mother is the very root of the family tree. She nurtures the children today so as to make them good human beings of tomorrow.

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Across cultures and ethnicities mothers play differing roles in the family and are known to bring up a child differently but some form of cohesion is found in the mother’s love all across the globe. This resonance stems from the fact that no matter from where one belongs, every mother endures 9 months of anticipation, wait, expectation and hours of labor to bring the new life in the world. A life out of a life, the most beautiful manifestation of the nature’s incredibility… the bond of a mother and child is unique everywhere.

1. A mother never neglects her child. Be it here at our homeland India or anywhere else on the planet, mother’s first priority is always her child.

2. A mother never sleeps before she has slept her baby. Not only is this true for the initial years but a mother sleeps sound knowing only after that her child is safe and sound too, the sleep being metaphoric here.

3. Joke if you will but a mother is overprotecting and that is her nature. She will call a 100 times, forbid you from getting too close to the railing, call your friends to confirm your presence, but she is a mother and she is entitled to hover.

4. Every mother is nosey. She would want to know what is going on in her child’s life, who her child is dating and all sorts. Well in her defense, she has brought us up so she can sniff around a bit. All mother’s want to keep their kids safe.

5. Lastly what come naturally to a mother are her doctor instincts. No matter how deep the cut or how painful a wound, her healing touch is the best medication and the much required first aid for a child.

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