#Ask Karan Is Here, And Karan’s Witty Reply To All The Questions Will Make Your Day.


    Karan Johar, the man behind one of the biggest production houses in Bollywood, Dharma Productions, is back with #Ask sessions, where he is seen answering all the questions posed by us.

    There is a possibility that the questions posed by people can be quite gross, as this is the Internet and we find anything and everything quite easily…..

    But Karan’s wit and humor have won the internet!

    He’s seen making appropriate use of sarcasm, and this will lighten up your mood even if you just came back from a bad day.

    A fan asked Karan his phone number and….



    Way too Direct!



    We surely did love Dangal.karan johar



    Nice. karan johar

    Have you ever participated in these #ask sessions before?

    Do share us your experience down below.


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