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Know About Bizarre New Year Traditions Practices Around The World.

Almost every festival have a country or a region to be specific. But there are few events that sees no boundary . New Year is coming and this is one of such event that is celebrated with same amount of joy and energy across globe. Today with this article we will tell you about different traditions that people from different countries practice.

Spain : Eating Grapes

Spain has this tradition of eating 12 grapes subsequently as the 31st midnight bells ring 12 times. This is believed if you eat 12 grapes as the bell rings it will bring joy , happiness and prosperity all days of the year.

Denmark : Breaking Plates

If you are in Denmark for the new year , there is high chance you will see people breaking plates in front of each others houses . It is said that , the more plates you find broken near your house the more happiness it will bring to your year.

Philippines : Using Round Or Circular Things

Philippines have this tradition of using round or circular things during new year. The in fact wear clothes that have polka dots , toss coins in pan , use cornucopia with lots of fruits in that.

Central And South America (Wearing Different Colours Underwear)


For central and south american countries , colour of their underwear on new year is believed to bring love , wealth , good health to the person who wears it. Someone who wants love in their life would wear a Red underwear and yellow underwear is believed to bring prosperity.


According to the Buddhist tradition it is believed that ringing bells 108 times will banish 108 sins of human. This culture is very well followed in Japan . And they welcome their new year by ringing bells 108 times to bring prosperity and banish their sins.

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