Donald Trump. Or else just the name “Trump” is enough to cause wars in North Korea.

Just kidding, ever since Trump decided to contest for the President, he’s been subjected to a lot of internet trolls.

Trump represents the true American, and not to forget his catchy slogans “Ab ki Baar, Trump Sarkar” Which shows his solidarity towards Indians and PM Modi.

Recently an image of Melania went viral on social media, where she’s seen frowning after trump turns back.

Have a look:

and What Happened Next?

Melania Trump likes the tweet! This was an unexpected surprise given by her. The Man was still in shock, unable to believe it.

Slowly, this news spread all over the world and these are the trolls.

Then it spread like a wildfire! and these are the reactions that came in.



We believe she must have accidentally liked it, or maybe who knows?