Last night is a day to be remembered for all the people, especially, the people of the United States. Obama bid adieu to the White House forever. He took the Air Force One chopper along with his wife, Michelle Obama. It was a rather emotional moment, where people couldn’t control their tears.

This incident clearly shows the immense love People have for the Obamas.

After he has done relaxing at the Palm Springs, he’s going to receive a handsome Pension.

I know that we all are curious to know how much an Ex- President will earn in Pension. We did some digging, and this is what an Ex-President is entitled to have.

His Pension:

Obama will receive a handsome paycheck of $205,700 per year. It roughly translates to 1.4 Crore Indian Rupees.
In addition to this, he has requested extra funds from the Congress for administrative expenses.

His Extra Perks:

He’ll be getting additional funds for travel, to set up an office, to maintain staff and much other miscellaneous requirements to “Maintain the Dignity” of Presidents. He’s also provided additional benefits to settle.

After all, He was the President of the most Powerful Country in the world right?