This Pani Puri Vendor Has Crossed All Limits By Doing This!


    Pani Puri or GupShup is the most popular food across India. Be it any state; People just cannot refuse the taste of Pani Puri with the blend of masala and spices.

    pani puri

    But, this Pani Puri vendor from Gujarat has crossed all his limits. We would never imagine that Pani Puri can also be mixed with this toxic stuff.

    You will never eat Pani Puri again after this.

    pani puri

    Chetan Marvadi is a Gujarati Vendor; he is convicted of mixing toilet cleaner with the Pani Puri water. The case was registered in 2009, seven years after he is imprisoned for six months.

    The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation received many complaints about the adulteration, based on which food samples were sent to the state laboratory which concluded that it contained oxalic acid, usually found in toilet cleaners.

    pani puri

    Food contamination affects people’s health and is a major cause of a lot of problems.

    Let us join hands to stop Adulteration. Let’s eat hygienic and healthy food.

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