Ranveer Singh In Switzerland Went For Sky Diving


    Ranveer Singh the Bajirao of Bollywood. All of them love him and his movies. Ranveer Singh is now on vacation tour in Switzerland. He posted his pictures of his vacation so we all know that he is in switzerland. Ranveer is enjoying in switzerland so much we can say it by seeing his pictures. And now Ranveer went for Sky Diving in switzerland and it was extremely amusing. He uploaded his pictures also.

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    Ranveer Singh On Sky Diving

    Ranveer Singh On Sky Diving

    Ranveer singh in switzerland. He recreated the song of SRK “Tu Mere Samne” and it is going viral on internet. All of them loved it. Ranveer is a big fan of Shahrukh.

    Ranveer Singh On Sky Diving

    Ranveer went on sky diving in Europe. He went for Sky diving with the expert of sky diving and parachute. He was totally lost in his mind.

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    Ranveer Singh On Sky Diving

    He was paniced as he was seeing his whole life flash in front of his eyes. Ranveer even took a video of him when he was flying.

    Ranveer Singh On Sky Diving

    With the help of parachute they went higher and saw all things beautiful. Then he realised that he is flying not falling.

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    Ranveer Singh On Sky Diving

    His instructor reminded him that they are safe and they finished sky diving. They were done. He says to ranveer that You did a good job.

    Ranveer is the person who believes in living and enjoying life and never say tired. He is having a time on his life and enjoying in Switzerland.

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