Replacement Apps In Android To Lock The Screen


    Android smartphones are best. In these days all of them uses android only and you just cant beat android. There are many applications for all the things in the phone. We change the lock screen in every time period. So here we have some interesting news for android lovers. You should try the new application to lock the android screen which gives a new look to your device with the help of new application came. Check it below and use it in your device,and check how the app is for Lock Screen.

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    Try Lock Screen App For Android.

    Try Lock Screen App For Android.

    The apps which we are discussing is good and have got good enough ratings,rates for download. If you have been in market for new lock screen for your device check it below the apps.

     Corgi for Feedly News Magazine

    Try Lock Screen App For Android.

    Our phones are always connected to the internet. So it is obvious that you will be updated with the latest news. But what if you shouldn’t have to unlock your screen and the news directly come to the lock screen. Isn’t it too good.This is one of the best app to use. Corgi is the personal magazine on the lock screen. Follow a few websites by topic to start the app.

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     Next Lock Screen

    Try Lock Screen App For Android.

    Next lock app is very good app. This app is downloaded by many android users. This lock screen app is more useful to busy peoples. It helps you to protect phone used by unwanted uses. It is an excellent app locker.


    Try Lock Screen App For Android.

    This app will show you the new notification and will allow you to open it directly through touching it. If you don’t want to unlock your phone you can just view all the notifications.

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     Cover Lock Screen 

    Try Lock Screen App For Android.

    This app is quite useful for unlocking the device. This app makes your screen look better and cool. You can use the apps at right time and right place. You can choose the application which you want to keep on your lock screen to use it faster.

     SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

    Try Lock Screen App For Android.

    You can change the look of your screen in many ways,elegant designs. Try out this application.

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