Securing the First Man of United States of America


    Securing the First Man of United States of America

    Being the president of any nation is a matter of great pride and honor. To hold the office and reside in the White house is not only a unique adventure but a task of great responsibility. It requires taking the best decisions for the people of the country, in all matters involving them. The equation increases manifold when the country in question is the great United States of America. A country this great needs an even greater leader. The first man of the country has a huge task towards the very people that elected him into the White house. It is only natural that an enormous deal of importance lies in these people’s security details, who manage the entire country.
    The federal law enforcement agency, pentagon, United States Secret Service ( USSS ) are names made very famous in movies like ‘Air Force One’ and ‘The Olympus has Fallen’, but the actual work that goes up in the security of these dignitaries is more complex in nature. The fool proof system can never be disclosed to general public for security measures, but in this article we will look into some of the security criteria and protocols for the US Presidents.

    Security Of United States President

    Protective Operations

    In the list of USSS’s protectees, the president and the first lady are the permanent ones while other official dignitaries are temporary. Their physical security is of top most priority which is ensured by assigning permanent and temporary special agents to these people, respectively. All the current and former presidents of the United States are entitled to a lifetime of secret service protection. The duties of the secret services are not limited to human resources and physical barriers but encompass the incompetence of infrastructures upon which the security plans are built.

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