Steps To Delete Twitter Account Permanently: Learn From Here


    You want to delete your twitter account permanent? Here are the steps to delete the account. There may be many reasons to delete account may be you don’t know how to use twitter. Twitter is bit hard to use it. Follow the steps given below to delete your account permanently.

    Delete Twitter Account Forever

    Delete Twitter Account Forever

    1. Go through Computer

    You can’t delete account with your phone. Smartphones or other phones does not have account deleting feature. You need to do it with computer or laptop.

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    2. Log in to Twitter Account

    The second step is to Login your twitter account.

    3. Go to Setting

    Delete Twitter Account Forever

    After logging in go to settings. At the top in corner click on the profile picture and there you will see a menu from that choose settings.

    4. Backup your Tweets (Optional)

    Delete Twitter Account Forever

    Before deleting if you want backup of your account you can get it. After you click on settings you will see all the options. At the end of the page you will see “Request your Archive” click on it and you can backup your account.

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    5. Deactivate Account

    After backup is done go to next step. To deactivate your account click on “Deactivate my Account”. You will see this option right below the request your archive.

    6. Read the information carefully

    Delete Twitter Account Forever

    After clicking on it you will see some information for deleting account. Read the full page carefully. Afterwards click on [email protected]

    7. Final step

    Delete Twitter Account Forever

    After deleting you will get a pop-up, enter your password there and click to deactivate.


    Now its done you can delete your account permanently by following these steps.

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