This Cricketer Gets Jailed For Driving His Car On Platform


    We all are familiar with road accidents. Road accidents happen every day due to the carelessness exhibited by the drivers. Rash and negligent driving cause fatal injury to everyone around us.


    We all are aware of the rush and stampede which is seen common in Mumbai train stations. This Cricketer didn’t care about all this and drove his car to the train platform, almost hitting the passengers.

    Who is he?

    His name is Harmeet Singh. He has played for Mumbai for the Ranji trophy. He has also played for IPL. If you guys remember, he was also accused of match-fixing while playing for Rajasthan Royals.

    He rams his luxury car recklessly onto the station putting the lives of many at risk. Due to this, the Police arrest him. He’s in Police custody since morning and tests are being conducted to check if he was in an inebriated state or not.

    a police official said:

    “He is from Punjab. He lives in Malad. He seems new to Mumbai. As of now, it looks like he did it by mistake. We see no other reason behind it. He has been arrested.”

    No one is injured luckily which would have then caused a serious mishap.

    What Do You think? What should be his punishment?

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