Cheap Flight Tickets seems like a myth now a days. I had to go home this Diwali, but because flight tickets were extremely expensive i cancelled my plan . This sort of thing happened with you too ? Well then this article is for you to get cheap flight tickets when without airline sales. I have researched well to understand how this flight ticketing platform works and how can we get an expensive flight ticket at a cheaper rate. Well, at least a few hundred bucks if not more.

Trick to get cheaper flight tickets
Trick to get cheaper flight tickets

I have listed down 6 such tricks to get cheap flight tickets ,which will help you save more on your next trip –

Try Booking Your Flight Ticket As Early As Possible –

However irritating it may sound, but the harsh truth is , flight rates are very cheap before 2-3 months.So, next time try to be a bit aware about this and book your flight ticket at the earliest. This will help you save at least 1000 bucks.

Use Incognito Browser  –

Every time you visit a flight ticketing portal , you find a sudden hike in flight rates. Why ? There is a technical reason behind it. These websites store cookies on your system. When you browse tickets on their website , they know that this particular system is interested in tickets . Now after a couple of days when you again visit the same site, they fetch stored cookie on your system and assume you are more willing to purchase ticket and hence they increase a couple of hundred from previous price. So next time when you visit such portal, try to use Incognito browser or atleast delete your cookies or use some different browser.This way you can get cheap flight tickets in compare to normal price.

Always Choose To Book Return Tickets If Possible –

You may have noticed when you book one way tickets , they are expensive in compare to two way tickets. Ticketing portals , in order to attract more sales from customer and to retain customers offer such discounts. Since , its very logical to assume if you are going to some place, you will return from there well at least for working people its quite true . To make sure you don’t buy your ticket from another portal they try to lure customers with such offers. So, next time try to book two way tickets and save few more bucks.

Use a Price Comparing Website  –

Ok,  So you found a ticket for 10k bucks on portal x . But on portal Y , this same ticket could be of lesser price. To understand how this works , its important to know where these portals get ticket information from. These portals have Integrated APIs of different airlines services , which tell them about availability of tickets and price that airline is offering. Now that price is added up with extra amount that differs for each portal , depending on how much profit they are willing to take from a ticket sell. So , there are very positive chances that some portals are offering the same ticket at minimal profit charge. To get cheap flight tickets from normal rates , use a price comparison website to check where your ticket is available at the cheapest.

Find Alternative Airlines At Cheaper Price –

As i explained above , how this pricing is fetched , there are chances you will get same destination tickets at much cheaper cost with a different airline. This is because, a price depends on different variables. For example, one flight can offer on board free lunch, which they pre charge in ticket price itself , while another doesn’t. Tickets of one flight got booked early and few seats left and hence higher price . So these factors combines to decide price of a ticket . i think this is the most important trick to get cheap flight tickets . So be aware of such things and always compare tickets of different airlines before you pick your bank cards.

Book Directly From Airlines Official Website –

With increasing number of demand for tickets, number of ticketing portals have also increased. Quite often we see offers from these portals to shed their competitors , but there are days when you can’t find any running offers for your ticket. In such cases, best is to check airlines official website. You may find cheaper rates while searching for tickets on different portals but checkout price will always be higher. This is because, they too need to earn and hence they add service charge and other charges on basic fare of tickets. So to save few more bucks, don’t forget to checkout official websites of airlines.

We see, how airline pricing system works and 6 basic tricks to reduce your trip cost by finding cheaper flight tickets. I know these are quite obvious tricks for some of us , but there are many people who are not aware of this pricing difference and end up purchasing tickets at higher price. With this article, i aim to help such people to save more money on their next trip.

Got some more tricks and ideas of how to get flight tickets at cheaper rate ? Comment now !

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