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10 Adult Movies That are a Must Watch With Your Partner!

Whether it’s a lazy summer evening, or a movie spree night with your loved one, it’s always an awesome idea to sit back and watch some artistically sultry movies. Get a hold of some hot popping popcorn or a tub of chocolate ice-cream to binge watch some of the world’s best smoking cinema!

1. Original Sin

As always, Angelina Jolie gives her best in this oh-so-spicy movie, filled with romantic tragedies, heartbreak and the hopelessness of love. Pair her with the legendary Antonio Banderas, and you’ve got nothing less than a potpourri of stunning visuals.

2. Irreversible

The Bond actress, and the heartthrob of millions even at her current age, Monica Bellucci renders everyone in awe of her brilliant acting in that infamous, and probably one of the most painful scenes of films. Her life, as well as her partner’s goes haywire when a drunkard attacks her at a desolate substation.

3. Intimacy

This is what you can call a ‘Friends With Benefits’ movie with a twist later on. Everything goes smooth until Mark tries to know more about Kerry. Things begin to go downhill just then. Watch the movie to know what happens to them at the end!

4. Unfaithful

The married good old wife takes a liking to a handsome young boy, who gives her refuge one dark stormy night (sounds too cliche?). Wait till the end to watch the climax that mighty old Richard Gere brings forth, when he smells something fishy.

5. Anna Karenina

The melancholic, sophisticated and classy dame is brought to life when Keira Knightley becomes her. We all can do nothing but sigh, when we live through the bygone life, that Leo Tolstoy had weaved long back, but still remains fresh as today.

6. Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is still considered to be one of the most epic movies when it comes to the hot scenes that Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone pulled off together on screen. The crime scene investigator (Douglas) gets smitten, and obsessed with the prime suspect (Stone) in this movie.

7. The Reader

The famous Titanic muse Rose takes this movie by storm with her impeccable performance. The Reader is a captivating movie showing us the story of an affair of a 36-year old woman (Kate Winslet) with a boy of even less than half of her age, a 15-year old boy.

8. Cashback

Going through a tough time, and a messy breakup, the insomniac male lead discovers that he can stop the world at it’s tracks, literally whenever he pleases! With the world frozen in time, he does whatever he pleases. But in all this excitement, he might miss out on the chance of his new-found love interest. Watch it now to know what happens!

Movies like these show us the complexities of human emotions when it comes to exploring one’s sexuality, and coming at par with our own grounds of morality and depths. Tell us in the comments that which movies interested you the most. Happy watching!

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