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JUSTIN BIEBER Was Attacked In Germany: Watch The Video Here

Last month we got the news of Justin Bieber that he went in Subway and his credit card was declined and his fan paid his sandwich bill. We all know Justin Bieber the Hollywood singer he was attacked in a club in Germany by an unknown person. This incident took place on Friday night.

Bieber Was Attacked In Germany Fans Fear For His Life


Bieber Was Attacked In Germany Fans Fear For His Life

Bieber is 22 year old. He went to the nightclub in German when he was leaving from there one man came to him aggressively and pushed him but thank to the woman who pulled Bieber from that area. The woman was in Beer Wench outfit.

Bieber Was Attacked In Germany Fans Fear For His Life

Justin’s fans are concerned for his safety after he was attacked by his own fan in Germany. Everyone is shocked by seeing this news.

Justin was celebrating on the European leg of his Purpose Tour at Germany’s HEART nightclub in Munich.

Here is a video of that incident watch it out:

Before this incident took place Justin tweeted that he loved playing in Germany and his concerts were one of his best shows.

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