To be a great movie Villain, who gives an impeccable turn to a movie no hero can do needs more hard work than being a hero.It really needs to be talented to bring out the best in being a villain.


Emperor Sheev Palpatine i.e. Darth Sidious, a very devastating villain in movies.A man, who is famous for creating conspiracies. With his ploy nature, he managed to kill and overthrow his master. Well versed with the secrets of immortality, destruction of the planets, the murder of his enemies, and much more. He proved his fans that it was the result of his work that they had seen in his previous eight films and then the ninth episode of Star Wars- The Rise of Skywalker.

One can have no information in the account of killings in his name when he ruled his throne or the deaths of his followers then, aren’t known to anyone wherein 15 to 30 billion people were killed along with the destruction of 14 planets. The complete species were destroyed.



Villain THANOS

Thanos killed half of the population of the planets pretending as if he wanted to save them from getting destroyed. This is how he spent most of his life.He turned out to be everyone’s enemy and the things did not turn out to be same as predicted unless he poured all Infinity Stones into his medieval globe,snapping his fingers.This led to the demise of half of the life in the universe.This made him an unforgettable villain.According to research, Thanos should be the top most villain but unfortunately cannot be because of his enemies.After devastating the lives be it single or multi-cellular,he could not achieve it completely.When he tried to regain the stones and create the Universe again he couldn’t do so as it had been destroyed before his attempt.He killed for decades in the universe,so is always remembered as an evil.



Sauron has a good ranking in the fiction and it is for good.He exhibits evil and harm.He created The One Ring and conquered Arda. He destroyed his enemies with the Rings of Power,he created.He was weakened after his defeat in the Last Alliance War.

The Old Ring was lost by Sauron during the war which affected him to depth but lately when he rebuilt his power he conquered his enemies again in the Next age.He existed because of The One Ring, if it got ruined he would not survive.The ring was carried to Mount Doom by a young Hobbit and put into the volcano.As it got burnt,the evil who destroyed the good and malice was also killed.


How Rogue one recreated grand Moff

The Governor Tarkin, a man namely Grand Moff Tarkin’s strength could not be matched with anyone who held the Rank as him in the whole Empire.He was known as the first Governor of the Outer Rim.

He also constructed and developed the first death star.He took the role from Orson Krennic when he started working.He forced Princess Leia to give him the name of the system,when he took the newly constructed Death Star to the Alderaan system.She agreed to provide him a fake name.Unfortunately , before initiating,he ruined the planet of Alderaan which led to the death of innocent people.



To control the nuclear armaments the military decided to create an Artificial Intelligence named Skynet. When it was introduced online,it became ‘self-aware’ and concluded humanity to be the real threat and hence ‘The United States’nuclear arsenal at Russia was launched.

Skynet sent Terminators and killer vehicles to ruin humanity,but humanity won.Later skynet sent the first Terminator to kill Sarah Connor who was expecting John Connor ,a resistance commander who could become an instrumental war winner.


Darth Vader an iconic movie bad guys in the past but for a good reason.Darth Sidious advised Anakin Skywalker to embrace the Bad Side of the Force and be blessed as Darth Vader.His foremost agenda was to kill all the younglings in the Jedi Academy.His wife was no more due to his deeds,so he turned against his close friend who was his mentor too,Obi-Wan Kenobi.

He led his ways into the galaxy to look for every Jedi to kill them.All these Jedi’s called him Ally once,which made his actions more dangerous.His master’s conspiracies killed billions more ruining the entire star systems,at last his son reclaimed him which rarely wipes out his large body.


Lord Voldemort =The Harry Potter Franchise

Thomas Riddle’s history will make you emotional when you will get to know that he grew up with the hatred of his parents and himself being born to a smuggler dad.He was brought up in an orphanage before entering into Hogwarts School of Whitcraft and Wizardy. Later he turned into a strong wizard.He researched and succeeded in exploring the implication of dark magic.This led to the downfall in the decency that was made when Horcruxes came into existence.

He renamed himself as Lord Voldemort and turned out to be the strongest dark wizard. Harry Potter’s parents were also killed by him.Voldemort’s followers harassed him when he grew up.This led to a great war trapping Voldemort’s soul in Limbo.


Avengers-The Age Of Ultron

Ultron was created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.A superior version of AI, made to ‘save the world’.This Artificial Intelligence was malicious which meant to strike off humans from the surface of the planet.He fought against the Avengers by jumping into a robot body and copying himself onto the net.He made himself so powerful that no one could destroy him by creating an army of robot bodies.

Later he decided to destroy humans.For this he turned Novi Grad,Sokovia into a meteor.He lifted the city to crash down on the surface of the Earth ,showing the devastation at the time of dinosaurs.Somehow the Avengers succeeded to save the Sokavians from Ultron’s plans.

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