Kiran Bedi Gets Badly Trolled For Posting This On Twitter.

kiran bedi

When you’re a celebrity or an Icon, everyone wishes to be like you. People will follow you to stay updated with whatever you do. They search and find out your social networking profiles and try interacting with you as well. Such is the power and the fan following of a person who’s famous.

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility, With huge followers list, also comes a huge responsibility to post the right content and win people’s trust.

In the eve of Republic day, Kiran Bedi tries to show her love for the nation by posting a picture which depicts India being respected and honored by many Countries.

However, One can easily say that the image is fake as it didn’t appear in the news nor anywhere.

It’s a WhatsApp forward, and Kiran Bedi Ji shared it. When you’re such a big icon in this country having a huge fan base, you must cross-verify whether the image or the content you’re sharing is accurate or false.

She shares this false image and gets trolled by Twitterati:

Here are the tweets:

And much more, I hope she’ll be more alert while sharing any content next time.