We hope you are aware of Bollywood Actor, Producer, and Director Kamaal R Khan.

If not, then we consider you as a lucky person. It’s because you’ve been away from what people call him as  “king of stupidity”.

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As most of us know, Kamaal R Khan or KRK is a person who is always known to rake up controversies.


People, especially twitter hurl abuses at him for his stupid statements which he updates on his social media accounts.

He body shames people, especially actresses like Parineeti, by calling them Fat. Abuses movie directors and actors in his honest movie reviews on youtube, famous for popularizing the term “2 rupees people” and much much more.

This time, He’s back with what people call as the next level of stupidity.

This is what he has posted on his profile yesterday:

It says, “I have decided to deposit ₹5 lakhs in the account of each follower who will follow me till 31st of May 2017. Time starts now!”

If this is true, we’re all up for a lottery!
But, we’re aware of his actions in the past and we all know how fake he is.
The Result? Everyone slammed him.

Here are some of the reactions:


or maybe


We hope KRK won’t make such fake statements.