The Mountain Man of Our Very Own Planet!Who Is He?


Mountain Man! Sounds gigantic. But trust me it has got nothing to do with his size. It is about the size of his mission and dedication that made him achieve the seemingly impossible task. And the man is Dashrath Manjhi of Bihar in India. And yes it was love that was behind this act of his.
The extraordinary he did was carving out a path measuring 110 m long and 7.6 m deep in places with a width of 9.1 m out of a mountain. Thus he formed a road out of Gehlour hills. Manjhi took 22 years to complete this arduous task. He began in 1960, all the way working up to the year 1982. Manjhi worked through the days and nights of these 22 years. Too amazing to be true! Okay…so this made him reduce the distance between two different areas in the district he resided from 70 km to 15 km. This brought him national acclaim.

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Manjhi encountered difficulties galore in his way of achieving this task. As he set out to split the hill in its belly he was ridiculed by people. People taunted him and thought of him to be mad to undertake  such an impossible task to be accomplished single-handedly. As time passed by he did get some support in the form of generous people offering him food while some others offering him to buy him some tools to make his task easier.
Why Manjhi chose to accomplish this task? What other than love can make a man achieve such a mountainous task. Yes, love was the reason here too. Sadly, Manjhi lost the love of his life, his wife, when he could take his wife to the hospital in time. Falguni Devi, his wife, was injured and required an urgent medical help. To make that happen Manjhi would have to travel 70 km to get to a doctor. Failing to do so Manjhi faced the death of his wife. It struck his heart so badly that he decided to cut through the mountain and reduce the distance from 70 km to 15 km. This can be seen as a tribute he paid to the love he had towards his wife as well as the blessing that he gifted his co-villagers.
Manjhi died of Gall Bladder cancer in 2007 and was honoured with State funeral by the Government of the State of Bihar. There is a Bollywood film announced on the life of this “Mountain Man.”

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