Imagine You’re having sex with your partner, and suddenly someone comes in .

How will that situation be?

It’s going to be very much embarrassing, isn’t it?

We’ve curated these stories from around the internet and formed them into this post. Here, people share their real experience of how their Parents came in while they had Sex.

I hope no one would face such embarrassment.

1) My Mom walked in when I had Sex with my Boyfriend; He was on top of me. My excuse? He accidentally fell over me while taking the snack.


2) I was having sex with my Girlfriend, suddenly my dad walks in, he sees us and throws condoms at us, He silently walks away. I call him “Dad of the year.”


3) My mom walked in while I was giving a blowjob, She Gave us dinner and left.


4) My Boyfriend’s dad walked in while we were having sex. He immediately closed the door and walked away.

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5) We took a room, forgot to shut the door, His dad comes in and says slow down and goes away.


6) Just when my boyfriend and I began to have sex, My aunt knocks the door. I hid him in the closet; She went after two mins. But those two mins are the most traumatic moments of my life.


7) My parents caught us red handed. They handed me the groceries, and I had to send him home because guests were coming.


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8) My boyfriend’s dad suddenly comes in and tells him to control my moaning. It’s because he was trying to sleep.


9) It’s the second time I’m caught doing it with my Boyfriend. Dad was pretty much chilled out. He said, “Lunch’s ready if you wanna have.”


10) This kind of situations must never happen. My boyfriend’s dad comes in while I was on top of him and yells.”That’s my boy” and walks away.


These are some of the Experiences which people had when they were caught.

Have you had any experience? Share it to us in the comments down below.


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