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Have a low budget? Here are 8 International Destinations You Can Visit in 2019.

Here are our picks of low cost destinations, to help you in making your international travel dream come true without burning a hole through your pocket!


When it comes to natural beauty, almost nothing can beat the country of Vietnam. From the appealing scenes of rice fields, to the terrace farms. From the exquisite cuisine, to the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has a lot to offer on minimal bucks spent.


With it’s rich culture and heritage, Morocco brings a lot in the platter. You can buy stunning artefacts, souvenirs and anything under the sky in the old quarters of the Medina, that too at dirt cheap prices if you know the art of haggling! It’s spice-rich food is a must try as well.


In your whole life, you have dreamed of traveling to a place like Phuket, haven’t you? What can be better if that could really come true, that too without shelling out? With it’s authentic oriental cuisine, and dazzling night life of Bangkok, Thailand is a must!


This country is not just about the population, or the cheap toys and tools, or the Great Wall of China. There are many exotic attractions including the Terracotta Army, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.

The Maldives

The perfect spot for a romantic getaway. If you have a thing for nature’s abundant beauty, then this is the place for you! Tag your bae along for a memory to remember.


There are some countries which take their toll on us, to remember where they might be on the map, and remain highly unexplored. Explore the medieval cities of this country and get teleported to history.


This country has 19 volcanoes in total! You can easily get a cheap hotel or Airbnb to stay. Learn surfing or explore San Juan river by boat.


Angkor Wat is enough of a reason for us to backpack there! This country has so much to offer. From the partially nature-claimed historical temples to serene beaches.

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