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Guys! take note, these things can turn down the girl in your life.


things that girls hate about guysGuys! Ever wanted to impress that girl who has been your crush for months? Or rather trying to impress a girl with whom you’ve fixed your date? The Possibilities are endless.
I agree girls are one of the most difficult things to understand on this planet, but it just takes few simple efforts to up your game and come out as a true gentleman.

In a rather candid conversation with few of my relatives last night, most of them among the age of 17-25, I got to know many things.

They Say, the first impression leaves a lasting impression. I’ve summed up few important “to be noted” points from that chit-chat.

To be Noted:

1) Girl’s hate guys who stink! So Keep your cologne on the check before heading out.

2) Only losers complain about everything. Be a Man! Never Whine.

3) Dressing sense: Guys! It hardly takes 5-10 mins to dress up neat and tidy. People who dress shabby are an instant turn-off.

4) Haven’t you seen the latest Ad of Virat? YES. Girls hate Dandruff. It’s disgusting and will take her away from you.

5) As I mentioned in the point earlier, Cleanliness and tidiness are the signs of a Gentleman. Trim those long dirty nails. No one likes them.

6) Your Qualities must speak for yourself. Don’t try to show-off your stuff. It’ll only portray you as a loser.

So, guys, It’s about time you implement these tips into your routine and up your dating game!

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