First Pizza ATM

Pizzaaa….everyone likes pizza.Pizza lovers are all around the world.Everywhere we get pizza.When we want to eat pizza and we do not have money in our pocket we go to ATM and take money.Then we go to pizza parlour and have pizza.It would be much better if ATM gives pizza it wil be so good.All the problems will be solved.But there is some good news for pizza lovers in US.Now in US they can now relish their favourite cheesy delicacy by using the first-ever ‘pizza ATM’.Their problems are solved for pizza.Isnt it a good news.

In US they kept ATM of pizza in university campus.The pizza vending machine on the campus of Xavier University (XU) in Ohio can hold seventy 12-inch pizzas and dispense them fresh and hot in just three minutes.

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The stories are true! Xavier now has North America’s first Pizza ATM

Pizza ATM

The Pizza ATM, installed by French company Paline, has a 24-hour refrigeration system which stores seventy 12-inch pizzas, and also accepts money cards.The machine is touchscreen students can order however they want and have to wait just for three minutes and the pizza sildes out.

The first pizza from Pizza ATM.

Pizza ATM

Each pizza is of around 10$ and the quality and the taste is very good.

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It is said that pizza ATM never touches the pizza or its ingrediants.

Pizza ATM

She tasted the first pizza from pizza ATM.

The pizza ATM will be released in many more states after the response to the first one is measured.

Pizza ATM

We are still sitting here waiting for pizza to arrive under 30 minutes.And in US they are getting pizza in 3minutes.We hope it is best and it comes soon in other states as well.

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Pizza ATM

Fresh Pizza in three minutes.

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