In a recent video which went viral this week, we saw an army man “Tej Bahadur” revealing all the irregularities in the military. He has exposed how soldiers get treated by the government and how innocent jawans are falling prey to the acts of corruption done by higher authorities.

They are served stale food and sometimes they aren’t served any food at all. It’s saddening to see our jawans suffer like this; when they put their life on the risk for us.

The Govt. and the BSF later brushed off the allegations and instead put all blame on him.

In case you missed the whole story:



The Govt. has a separate ministry for defense and they allocate certain funds for it. You might be wondering, where’s all the food for jawan’s going.

It’s about time we reveal the discrepancies present in the BSF.

bsf jawan

A fresh report from our source says that The Officers with higher rank at the BSF, sell all the ration and food to consumers at half the price.

As reported by Times Of India, Food products such as pulses and grains, and valuable commodities like petrol are sold to agents by these higher officers with large amounts of commission.

As there is no process of tender in the BSF, The officers sell commodities to agents and in return earn more commission due to this.

A furniture dealer who has dealt with army says:

“Purchasing officers, while placing orders for elegant furniture for their offices, take a commission that is more than what we earn. There is no e-tendering in the BSF. The officer will purchase furniture and make a commission and even compromise on the quality of the items.”

Unfortunately, this is the true face of the BSF. All these incidents are shocking to hear and outrageous. This kind of events causes severe damage to the reputation and trust of the army.