Forced show of nationalism which we call it, has often been subjected to a parliamentary debate and media attention. The Government has made it compulsory for Cinema halls and theaters to air the national anthem before any movie starts.

It’s fine if the national anthem is playing, but no one should be forced to stand and show the proof of his patriotism by standing up for a couple of minutes.

In few cases, people were thrown out of the theater for not standing up for the anthem. We are ordinary citizens, and we can afford to stand up for a couple of minutes and sit down. But, What about those who can’t afford to stand up?


YES, I’m talking about the Disabled People. Disabled people are always looked down, be it our athletes or be it the regular people. They’re not provided adequate facilities and are always subjected to an awkward stare.

Recently, Supreme Court issued few guidelines to be followed by every citizen.

It said, “people with locomotor disabilities and other wheelchair users, shall position themselves to the extent of maximum attentiveness and alertness, with or without the help of appropriate aids and appliances.”

If a disabled person finds it difficult to stand up and maintain posture, should we treat him as anti-national? If he’s unable to position himself correctly, should people take the law into their hands?

The Feeling which arises among the people who are in the hall is very dangerous. In an incident last year, a man named Salil Chaturvedi was attacked by a person beside him, for not standing up for the national anthem.

The man failed to realize that Salil was suffering from a Spinal injury which didn’t allow him to stand up. How can the Government not think of disabled people before pushing this move, he asks.

It further becomes worse when the person is mentally challenged. There won’t be any signs of his disability and people hardly have any patience during that situation.

What’s the Govt’s take on this:

“a person with a mild intellectual disability, without associated conditions, can be trained to understand and respect the national anthem. Relaxation to such class of persons with disabilities may be considered.”

But not everyone can be trained to learn. What do you think of these new rules laid by the Government of India?