Simone Biles is an American Gymnasts.Simone Biles is the champion of all around individual of Olympic of 2016.Simone Biles became the star of US after winner back to back Gold medals.Recently,Simone is the talk of the town.First Simone Biles won the women’s Gymnasts All Around Title on 11August and she won the Olympic all around title.

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Winner of Two Gold Medals In All Around Title

Simone Biles

There are many Athletes who struggle so much to live upto their publicity.In Rio Olympics it was the Simone Bile in the news she is ther star of US and simone made US feel proud after winning Two Gold Medals Back-to-Back in All Around.Simone showed why everyone talks about her only she proved that.When Simone was competing her first Olympic,those who doubted on her ability she added pressure on her and became everyones favourite.

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Simone Biles Wins Gold And Aly Raisman wins Silver in All Around

Simone Biles,Gold medal

Aly Raisman won silver medal.The America won both the Silver and Gold medals.

Biles took the gold with a total of 62.198.

Simone Biles,Gold medal

After second rotation Simone Biles was in second position.Simone Bile was on the floor with a 15.933.Aly Raisman was on the floor with 15.433.

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Simone’s Compititors Aly Raisman and Russia’s Aliya Mustafina

Simone Biles,Gold medal

Aliya from Russia won Bronze medal and Aly Raisman won Silver.Aliya won Bronze medal in 2012 also.

After three Rotations Positions Were

Simone Biles,Gold medal

1.) Simone Biles 46.265. 2.) Aliya Mustafina 44.732 3.)Aly Raisman 44.665.

Simone Biles is the fourth American to win the title,which is the longest winning streak by any country in the event.

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