It’s a proud moment for our country. The Whole World is amazed and shocked due to the remarkable feat achieved by Us.

ISRO launched 104 satellites into space yesterday, which is the highest amount of satellites launched till date by any country. This is a moment of utmost pride as we cherish our nation’s success and advancement in the field of space technology.

But hold on, It’s a known fact that Behind every successful person, lies a bunch of haters who always lament.


Same is the case here. Chinese media has complimented India on this achievement and had pointed about how their country is more advanced than ours.

It has stated that India lacks planning and execution. It says that US’s and China’s space technology is far more advanced than India.

This is what the editorial read:

“India’s space technology development tends to project a national image. It’s reported that India also plans to reach Venus, another program that is suitable for media hype but lacks follow-up research. On the whole, India’s space technology still lags behind the US and China’s. It has not yet formed a complete system. For instance, the engine of its rockets is not powerful enough to support large-scale space exploration.”

It then concludes by saying,

“India’s Achilles’ Heel is its relatively small economic scale and a weak foundation for national development. As a hierarchical society, it has both world-class elite and the largest number of poor people. Many lessons can be drawn from India. As a rising power, it has done a good job. It is ambitious but pragmatic, preferring to compare with others as an incentive to progress. India’s political and social philosophy is worth pondering.”

These statements by China clearly prove that It’s not at all happy seeing a neighbour country achieve so much.

What do you think?