We talk about Patriotism , We demand actions. But what happens when our government takes an out of the box step for the sake of India. We still find it hard to digest and start seeking ways to put down our own government.

I am talking about the recent Surgical Strike that shocked the world and made India , We the Indians proud. I still remember , in a channel interview 2 years back , when Mr. Narendra Modi was not The Prime Minister of India said ,

Its high time we are into talks with Pakistan , and now is the time of action .

Many favoured his talks , while few were against his thoughts. Many in fact said , he just claims but don’t act. Today when he is the Prime Minister of Our Country and uri attack happened..Many questioned his claims once again. But now i guess every body knows , he did what he said. Surgical Strike Happened.

Our Country is a democratic country , and every single person has the right to speak. Recently , after surgical strike as expected many put their views , opinion. Some were diplomatic , and some came out aggressively . But there are few , who crossed their limit and even said “Who asked a soldier to go and sacrifice his life” . It feels pain and shameful , when our enemy country makes our own countrymen “Hero” for all the wrong reasons.

Here i am listing , few talks and tweets of famous people on Surgical Strikes that made  headlines recently –

Om Puri –

In an interview , when asked why is he favouring pakistan . He got damn angry and out of control. We could have clearly seen his love for pakistan. He didn’t stop there and in fact said ” Who asked our soldiers to go and sacrifice their life for country ” .

Arvind Kejriwal –

He is famous for his talks now a days. He has got many supporters in India and He is The Chief Minister of Delhi. Being a leader at such position , he represents our country. Words spoken by him are heard by the world. But , this time he said something , which i am sure has embarrassed many of his supporters.

In a self made video , he asked Our Indian Army , Our Government to prove that India did Surgical Strike. At the time of such heated situation , when we Indians need each others support. He is favouring Pakistan and showing off his politics.

P Chidambaram –

He is a former Union Minister Of Finance , India . He is a also a lawyer by profession. I have personally respected him for his works in this sector and he has been one of the most proficient politician of our country. But recently , on surgical strike he claimed his government has also conducted two surgical strikes . Well , honestly that is a good part . Although , Former DGMO refutes P Chidambaram’s claims and said they were just cross border ops.

Kanhaiya Kumar –

He is a students leader , and a year back he was in news for his strikes and supports in JNU Campus . He had been arrested in February with allegations of Anti India Slogans. On Surgical Strike He said ,

Surgical strikes should not be made public. This has an adverse impact on the society. People may misuse and make it an election issue in the coming state polls

Fawad Khan –

Pakistani actor , who was recently in news after surgical strike for not taking any stand and not issuing any statements in this regard , has finally broken his silence. He has issued an official statement on Uri Attack , though its bit diplomatic but we should know this . He said –


Salman khan , a super star as we call him has always been in news . Sometimes for good reasons , and sometimes for bad. Well , this time again he has said something which raised many eyebrows in the country. After surgical strike , a reporter asked him , if he supports banning of Pakistani Actors. On which , he seemed bit angry and replied –

 – They are terrorists or they are actors ? 

– They come to India with proper permits and visa , so why to ban them ?

Ok , so we talked enough about famous people. They had their opinion and we have ours.

Here , i am listing few comments on a tweet that had gone viral on Internet . This tweet is about Indian Surgical Strike , that made headlines in different newspaper. Well , the comments below are of non-famous people which are worth reading. These are mixed with angers , supports and demands of peace –

So , we read opinions of different people here. Few Famous , few non-famous. I am sure , you too have an opinion.You too love your country and knows how important it is to maintain its integrity , stability and peace at the same time. We expect you comment on this , we want want to know what people think about these opinions. Please put your comment down.