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Top 5 CPM Advertising Networks To Make Money From Website

Top 5 CPM Advertising Networks To Make Money From Website

Are you a blogger and despite of getting a good amount of traffic to your site , you are struggling to make money ? Let’s see why. Most of the bloggers prefer adsense as the major source for generating revenue out of their blogs but due to different CPC(Cost-per-click)  income for traffic from different countries, in adsense  it becomes difficult to make revenue as you expect unless you are getting huge traffic from an area with high CPC .But there are many other ad networks that can help you fetch some more revenue from your blogs.

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What are CPM ADS?

CPM (Cost-Per -Thousand ) ads are a great source of revenue for your blogs  . CPM ads are much better than adsense because in adsense if the user clicks the advertisement on your blog, your are paid or else the payment for the impressions is too low .But in CPM based ads , you will be paid for impressions

How Much CPM ads Pay?

Cost per thousand (CPM) is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. What is CPM

For example : If an advertiser pays  2$ CPM then it means you will get 2$ for every 1000 impressions on the ads on your website /blog .

Note : Don’t get confused for what the ‘M’ in CPM stands for . It is basically the representation for 1000 in Roman Numerals.

So i hope everything above is clear to you  so  without wasting time , let’s see how to make money from other ad networks

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TOP 5 CPM Advertising Networks to make Money from Blog :


adsoptimal-homepageBased out in San Fransisco  , AdsOptimal is  a great ad network for every blogs no matter if it is 10 years or even  a month old  . AdsOptimal offer CPM , CPC as well as conversion based ads for your blogs .

The best part of this ad network is that they are partners with the adsense and DFP (DoubleClick for publishers) .So incase you are looking to make good money then definitely adsOptimal is the best choice  😉

Conversant Media

Top 5 CPM Advertising Networks To Make Money From Website


Conversant has made a great name in  the media and advertising industry . They offer advertisements for websites as well as mobile applications  .

About their Program :

1 . They require 3,000 impressions per month for your site to be accepted.

2 . They  have a wide range of different sizes and types of advertisements.

3 . The minimum payout is $25

Conversant is a good choice if you can’t get into ad networks like adsOptimal which demand a high traffic volume  .

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Tribal Fusion 


Top 5 CPM Advertising Networks To Make Money From Website

Tribal fusion is great network for publishers to make cash . If you have a traffic of around 500,000 unique users per month then it is a real money making machine for you to just add to your site and start getting loaded with money $$ 😉

Propeller Ads 

Top 5 CPM Advertising Networks To Make Money From Website


From past few time Propeller Ads is a very popular ad network. Propeller Ads offers various adverting options of publisher and advertiser like Pop-Under ads, Banner ads, Mobile ads, etc. They offer some of the best CPM rates in the industry. I have seen publisher making good money with Propeller Ads, go ahead and join them to improve your website earning.


Top 5 CPM Advertising Networks To Make Money From Website

Adsterra also makes to the list of the TOP 5 CPM  based Ad networks with its wide range of ads like popup ads , banner ads ,slider ads , mobile display banner ads and much more . Not only for websites , but also Adsterra offers monetization for mobile based applications  . Adsterra is also a very good option for advertisers as they can do targeted advertisement, ROI-based campaigns and many more features for advertisers.

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