“When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow we gave our today”

Life Of Indian Army , How They Struggle To Keep Us Alive

This statement only very accurately describes the essence of being a soldier. Soldiers all around the world have a huge responsibility to take care of their country and their countrymen. They guard the borders at all hours with guns and missiles and ensure than we can stay and sleep in peace. Indian soldiers have the same morale with a tad more sincerity. It stems from the fact that we Indians take this great country to be our motherland first and for our valiant soldiers she is the epitome of motherhood. Be it Kargil, indo-china border, Siachen, air, water, mountain or land… the Indian soldiers can combat in the most treacherous of terrains and scariest conditions. It takes real guts to be a soldier. Here is saluting these brave men, without whom no mother could sleep in peace knowing her child was safe.In words from a great movie, “nothing’s gonna hurt you tonight, not on my watch”.

1. Indian soldiers show valor on the hostile lands of South Sudan :

Life Of Indian Army , How They Struggle To Keep Us Alive

Indian soldiers posted in this hostile land in the wake of the south Sudanese civil war have brought true meaning to “service before self”.  In spite of being outnumbered, the Indians fought with bravery when a UN peacekeeping convoy was unceremoniously attacked. Though 5 Indian soldiers lost lives but the loss on UN side would have been much greater had it not been for the bravery of these great Indian men who fought in a “professional and dedicated manner”.  Assistant Secretary General for Field Support, United Nations, Anthony Banbury said the Indian soldiers showed “gallantry” in defending themselves and the civilians in the convoy adding that the number of deaths on the UN side would have been “much worse” had the Indian soldiers not fought with “such determination and professionalism.”

2.  Missing reports of soldiers from Leh, Rann of Kuchh and Kargil areas :

Life Of Indian Army , How They Struggle To Keep Us Alive

A soldier dying on battlefields and at hands of enemy is a matter of pride and is a sacrifice for the country. But a soldier has to live under the possibility of many such life threatening events. In the last 10 years 20 soldiers have vanished from these various border areas and their whereabouts are still unknown.  The hilly areas with high peaks and adverse conditions claim the lives of many soldiers. However these men never stop loving their country.

3. Siachen, the place so high only mortal enemies or best of friends come by :

Life Of Indian Army , How They Struggle To Keep Us Alive

60 degre centigrade below zero temperature, altitude as high as 5000 meters and 10% of oxygen availability than in the plains. These adverse conditions make sustainability very difficult, if not impossible. But the Indian army men have a saying “we do the difficult as a routine, the impossible may take a little longer”. Everyday, these brave men embrace the frosting weather to guard our territories. Without fear for their lives under these hostile conditions, these brave men stand strong headed and take up their routine drills. No amount of words will be enough to acknowledge their gallantry.

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4. Indian army at Kargil :

Life Of Indian Army , How They Struggle To Keep Us Alive

The Kargil war or Operation Vijay of 1999 between India and Pakistan is etched in the memories of all. Both sides fought fearlessly and many Indian soldiers received awards for gallantry. But the struggle for Indian soldiers doesn’t end with a war. To sustain in areas of high altitude and drastic temperatures is itself an ongoing struggle. Kargil is located at an average elevation of 2676 meters and in winters the temperature goes as low as negative 48 degree centigrade. Apart from this, the opponent across the LOC (line of control) are at a higher altitude and at times of shelling our men have an invariable disadvantage. They are at a constant threat of being badly hit with possibilities of severe injuries and casualties. Each day for these men is a fight which they take up so easily. A phrase made popular by the movie LOC:Kargil, which holds true for our soldiers, “a soldier lives by chance, loves by choice and kills by profession”.

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5. Fight with lack of logistics and communication at Sino-Indian border :

Life Of Indian Army , How They Struggle To Keep Us Alive

It’s said that the military of many western countries is much more advanced than the rest of the world. They are endowed with state of the art technical support, missiles and communication systems. But this dearth is immensely felt by our soldiers on the Sino-Indian border. The GPS shows our men on the Chinese territory when they may well be in our own borders, phone connectivity is a myth and vehicles stop working mid way. Our fighters have a daily struggle with incompatible technological, logistical and infrastructural support, while the Chinese troop across the border have them in aplenty. These soldiers do not get to talk to their families for months and the available technology costs Rs.80 a minute making it highly uneconomical.


Salute to these soldiers for guarding the walls and giving us a blanket of safety by standing at those walls with guns. For these men stay away from their families and loved ones that we can spend time with ours. Their one day is unimaginable for us mediocre people. Probably that is what sets these distinguished soldiers apart from us. JAI HIND!

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