New Way Of Advertising.Can You Guess What’s Facebook Missed call Concept?

New Way Of Advertising.Can You Guess What’s Facebook Missed call Concept?

Posters, pamphlets, hoardings, airplane advertising, e-mails, calls, sms, mails and probably many more ways have been deduced to advertise a brand or service. Yet there is still a gap between the seller and a consumer and that is proper advertising. New methods to reach the public are being searched every instant. “Facebook”, the multi billionaire and world’s leading social networking site has constructed a new and unique way to reach out to the Indian facebook users. You’ll be surprised to know that this method is what Indians are expert in, the famous “Missed Calls”. If you live in India or know Indians, you’ll know that this phenomenon is an integrated part of our lives. We use missed calls as a signal to our friends or family members that “we are outside” or “yes I am ready” without spending a buck!

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India has over a 100 million monthly active facebook users from which around 82 million users use facebook on their handheld devices. Out of these 83 million, around 63% or roughly 51 million users have feature or non-smart phones. The need for gathering new and innovative ways to earn in the Asian continent is the per registered user revenue generated to the social networking site. The average revenue per user was $6.03 for USA in the fourth quarter of last year while Asia stood at a meagre $0.95 per user. Facebook sees an opportunity for tremendous development in the continent which comprises over 30% of the site’s monthly users.

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Now you may think, “What is Missed Call Advertising”? This new form of advertising will allow a mobile facebook user to click a button which will connect a call to an advertiser and they can cut the call as soon as the connection hits so it’s a missed call. So as this step is completed, the user will get a recorded call or message from that very advertiser regarding any offers or discounts on goods or services. This will help various companies to advertise in a very efficient and hassle free way while also allowing the consumer to get deals and offers right there on their mobile with just a missed call!


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Like every other thing, this new scheme has both pros and cons too.


This method will give a boost to the site’s revenues in the continent. Since it’s a more precise way to advertise, the advertising cost might be a little higher than the usual advertisements on the main site. Since it’s a somewhat long process, it is evident that the users using missed calls to get deals are interested in purchase of goods or services and each missed call will end with a high probability of a sale, Facebook might have a share in sales too thus pushing the revenue per person average more in the subcontinent.


The duration and effort required for ‘missed call’ ads are higher than usual and might discourage some might be customers to even try it, thus decreasing the chance of futile sales.The second problem is that these ads will mostly be used by feature phone(non smart phone) users where advanced features aren’t present, thus compromising the clicks on Facebook’s regular feed-based advertisements.


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With this work or not that we’ll see in the coming time, but one thing is sure, this new way of advertising will surely ring a bell in most companies head that why didn’t they think of it earlier. We hope and believe that this new method will work in the missed call crazy nation.

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