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10 Very Interesting Facts About Donald Trump You Didn’t Knew

Today’s the day people! It’s finally happening. Donald Trump will take the oath and be sworn in as the President to the United States.

Obama will be leaving the White House forever. Admit it, we all loved Obama as for his bravery and his ability to govern efficiently. Amidst of all the protests, Trump will take over the white house.

He’s clearly the man of the moment.
So, here are some interesting facts which we’ve gathered about Trump.

donald trump

1) Trump ran for President in 2000.

donald trump

2) British Parliament has debated in the House whether to allow Trump to enter Britain or not.

3) He’s made his entry into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Donald Trump. 17 January 2007 -Hollywood, California. Trump Vodka launch party at Les Deux. Photo Credit: Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa Press (‘) Copyright 2007 by Giulio Marcocchi./trump_gm.008/0701180852

4) He released his Vodka brand.

5) He also released Trump Board game

6) Trump was a spoilt student, So he was sent to Military School.

7) Donald never used an ATM.

8) He made 25516875.00 for appearing on each episode of his show.

9) He’s even featured in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

10) Lastly, Trump eats Pizza with a knife and fork.

What do you think?

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