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Always Feeling Tired ? 11 Symptoms of Cancer You Should Be Aware of !

You know what the old doctors say, don’t you? That internet is full of crap advices and suggestions when it comes to the diagnosis of a disease, but you might have to agree that if filtered right, you can get a lot of useful information on your problems and what they might be suggesting. Today we bring to you certain signs and signals, which may be harmless, but can suggest at Cancer too.

1. Fatigue

Occasional tiredness, or because of some cause like physical activity or less sleep is fine, but if you feel a perpetual tiredness without some explanation that may be a sign of leukemia or colon cancer. Take medical advice.

2. Drastic Weight Loss

If there’s a drastic weight loss without any explanation like diet, or exercises or medicinal side effects, it may be a signal of cancer. Most of the cancers share this common symptom

3. Everlasting Pain

A constant pain can be a reason for many things, including cancer, depending on what part of the body the pain is.

4. Abnormal Lump

An unexplained lump anywhere on your body is not a good sign. This is the most common of indicators when there is one on the breasts, for a possible breast cancer.

5. Fever Bouts

If the fever is coming back in cycles, it might be a symptom of early stages of leukemia or lymphoma.

6. Skin Changes

You should keep an eye on your skin too. Notice any unusual blemishes, freckles or spots? It might be your body telling you that all things may not be right. Better consult a doctor

7. Constant Cough

Your cough can be more than just a mild flu or cold. If you are suffering from persistent cough it might be a good indicator or something going south, especially if its accompanied with chest, back or shoulder pain.

8. Bowel or Bladder Gone Bad

If you feel the need to go to the loo often, either for number one or number two, it’s not a normal sign. Added to that if there’s blood in your urine or stool, that might indicate colon cancer or prostate cancer

9. Bleeding

If you are spitting blood in your cough, or your anus, or the vagina when it’s not the period time, then it needs attention.

10. Swallowing is Hard

If swallowing food feels difficult, it might be a signal of throat, stomach, or oesophagus cancer.

11. Swollen Feet

This body change is the least probable to be any news of Cancer, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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