Ghostly Railway Stations In India We Do not Know But Board Our Trains

Do you believe in ghosts or paranormal activities? To know more ,keep reading.

Whenever the word Railway Station comes to our mind, we only know about the timings of the trains we have to travel by or the speed of the trains, etc. We are going to provide you with the list of seven railway stations in India that are so terrifying to imagine.

Begunkodor Station,West Bengal

A very famous Railway station which has a story of a lady ghost in the ambiance. It remained closed for approximately 42 years and then again reopened in 2009.

Barog Station,Himanchal Pradesh

It is a tunnel in the Shimla region of Himachal Pradesh. The tunnel is marked as 33 and known to be paranormal activities. It was constructed by Colonel Brog who was a British engineer. The engineer committed suicide In the ambiance and it is believed that his spirit is still found in the tunnel.

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station,West Bengal

This station is the part of the Kolkata Metro station a very popular one for the haunted tales. The station is quite a popular place in the city because of its haunted stories. It is believed to find a ghostly appearance in this station when the last metro train runs at night.

Naini Station, Uttar Pradesh

This station is very near to the Naini Jail which is known to be the torture place for the freedom fighters who are no more now. It is believed that the dead wander on the tracks and nearby at night at this station.

Chittoor Station, Andhra Pradesh

This station has haunted tales. There was an officer named Hari Singh Who died when his fellow RPF and TTE attacked him at this station. Since then the residents say that his soul is still here, waiting for justice.

Dwarka Sector-9 Metro Station,New Delhi

It is believed that a lady ghost is found running behind the cars who pass by this metro station. So people generally avoid going via. this area in late evenings.

MG Road Metro Station, New Delhi

The famous Metro Station of Gurugram has also witnessed the ghostly appearance of a lady who died in an accident a few years back. Her spirit is believed to be found here.

Well, we never know that ghosts actually exist or not. To know more one has to explore such areas for undue adventure in life.

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Written by Minky Chawla

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