Kashmiri Little Girl’s Request To PM Modi Is The Most Adorable Thing Today On Internet

Jammu and Kashmir government decided to put cap on daily online classes for little kids upto higher secondary level.

A little girl asked PM Modi “Why little children are assigned so much work?”

J&K government decided to put cap on daily online classes after an adorable viral video of 6 year old girl.

The video of a six-year-old girl went viral on social media. And in all parts of the country. Where the little adorable girl is addressing to PM Modi . And asking him that ” why the little children are assign so much work. Which should be assign to higher level classes?”

Undoubtedly, this video message was cute but on the same side it was very genuine as it is very difficult for little kids to sit for 5-6 hours straight for studying.

Indeed, many people comment that these little buds are not able to properly enjoy their childhood days with so much burden on their tiny shoulders.

Unquestionably, This minor girl complainted about the “unnecessary burden” on 6-year old little kids. After this viral video. Undoubtedly, Jammu and Kashmir government decided to put a cap on the daily online classes. For little kids upto higher secondary level.

Undoubtedly, and fortunately, this video reached LG Manoj Sinha. He calls this video as “a very adorable complaint”. Indeed, he instantly reacted to this video. By directing School Education Department to lighten the burden. And they should come out with a policy within 48 hours.

Unquestionably, LG Manoj Sinha said in his tweet that “Very adorable complaint. Have directed the school education department. to come out with a policy within 48 hours . And also, to lighten burden of homework on school kids. And Indeed, Childhood innocence is gift of God. Of course, And their days should be lively. Full of joy and bliss”.

“Childhood innocence is gift of God and their days should be lively, full of joy and bliss,” the LG tweeted. Click on the tweet link to see what LG tweeted.

In another tweet, the LG tweeted on his official handle that the SED has decided to limit daily online classes. For a maximum one and half hours for classes 1-8 spread across two sessions.

And also for classes 9-12, online synchronous learning. Will not be more than three hours, the LG ordered. Here is the YouTube link of the viral video of little girl.

Tired from a 4 hours continuous zoom classes, this six-year-old girl recorded a video message to address PM Modi. Watch the little girl in this link that has caused sensation all over India with her sweet and genuine video.

Although, She said ” Greetings PM Saab. I am a girl, I am a six-year-old girl. I want to tell you about zoom classes that small children who are six year old. Why are they given so much work by madam and teachers? No! Madam and Sir? This amount of work should be for higher classes like seventh, sixth and tenth”.

And, She also added “When I wake up in the morning I have classes from 10 AM to 2 PM. First class is of English. After that, Then Maths, then Urdu, then EVS and then Computer. She said this much work is supposed to be for elder children. Who are in seventh, sixth and tenth. Then why small kids are given so much of work Modi Saab”.

In the end she greeted Prime Minister Modi saying what to do now. And goodbye Modi Saab.

This was one of the cutest appeal. Which went viral on social media and instant action was taken for the younger generation.

What do you think?

Written by Soulful Girl

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